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Swimmer's Armpit Makeover Swimmer's Armpit Makeover

Swimmer's Armpit Makeover

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:50

Bella has been training for months for this swimming competition that she's attending tomorrow! She and her girls have managed to put together a breath-taking, perfectly synchronized routine that is sure to impress both the audience and the severe jury. She feels very confident about it and she knows she is prepared to stun everyone tomorrow, but it seems she forgot to take care of a really little detail: she totally forgot to shave her armpits! Oh no! She can't show up that way in the competition, so would you girls like to help Bella out with her armpit makeover session! First of all, you ladies should apply a delicate exfoliating gel to get ready of any dead skin cells in order to allow a closer shave. Use plenty of water to remove it and then apply a shaving cream of your choice to soften her hair and skin for better results. Great job, girls! Now pick out your favorite type of razor and start shaving Bella's hairy armpits against the grain. Make sure you also apply a lotion afterwards to help the skin recover, avoid applying deodorant right away because the skin is extra delicate after shaving! Well done! Now that Bella's armpits look silky gorgeous you can start wondering what lovely swimming suit, chic hairstyle and colorful makeup look you can use to accessorize her adorable look for that important competition she's getting ready for! Have a great time playing the Swimmer's Armpit Makeover game!