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Lost Island Lost Island

Lost Island


By AddictingGames on July 2, 2020 07:37

Lost Island is a game about recognizing patterns and then blowing them away. There is an army of balls rolling your way, they just keep coming and soon they will over run your entiree town. Only you can stop them! Armed with more balls, your mission is to identify the particular colors and then launch the balls at eachother so that they might disapear when they touch. For only you know the secret: balls of the same color cannot occupy the same space. It is a secret that just very well might save you from the invading spheres of colorful doom! Be smart and conserve your ammo, be careful not to lose a ball in a corner or waste one by launching it at the wrong time or at the wrong color. You have everything you need to save yourself from the rainbow balls, you just need to train yourself how to win. Take no prisoners and let no balls past your gate! You are our last hope, can you do it?