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Elsa's Frozen Dessert Trifle Elsa's Frozen Dessert Trifle

Elsa's Frozen Dessert Trifle


By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:57

Hello ladies! Today we have a brand new game for you in which Elsa will show you the most delicious recipe ever! I bet you didn't know that Elsa was such a great cook, right? Well, I must tell you she makes the most delicious desserts. Everyone in Arandelle is amazed by her cooking skills and talent. If course, she has a bit of an advantage, you know: her magic is the secret ingredient. Click play and start this amazing cooking game. The recipe is quite simple, you'll see and very easy to make. You will need some basic ingredients: water, sugar, whipped cream, powdered sugar, marshmallows and candies-but everything is prepared for you. You just have to follow the hints and complete all the necessary steps. The result will be the most delicious dessert trifle you have ever tasted. Don't waste any more time and prepare this amazing dessert trifle with your favorite Frozen character, the beautiful Elsa. Have a great time playing this game!