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Barbie Princess Designs Barbie Princess Designs

Barbie Princess Designs

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:52

Gorgeous Barbie wants to look just like a princess. She loves a great and glamorous dress with sparkly details and cute accessories. You can help her create one in the very fun game called Barbie Princess Designs! In freestyle mode you can use all your creative skills to make the dress for princess Barbie. In challenge mode, you will need to recreate her favorite princess look. She is inspired by beautiful princess Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and cute Belle. In Barbie Princess Designs you can try both creation modes and design the best dress. Start by choosing the shape of the dress, which can be a bell shapes or form fitting. Add the bodice and start coloring. It the palette you will find amazing colors such as a nice glitzy gold, cute green with polka dots and fun floral pattern. Use the brush to apply the color and then start decorating. In Barbie Princess Designs you can choose sleeves, nice dress ruffles and cleavage details. Try a very cute gold crown on her head and a nice necklace for a fun effect. Other detail you can use for a princess doll look is a cute rose. Have a great time playing Barbie Princess Designs!