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  • Candy rain 2 report Candy rain 2 GameKos
    2 years ago Everyone likes candies, don\'t we? Now here is Candy Rain 2, that is all sweets but no calories! In this beautiful and challenging match-three video game it is your task to combine at least three of the delicious sweets to make them disappear. If you play smart and manage to make more candy vanish with one move or even trigger combos that make different sorts of candy vanish, you can get tons of extra points and useful boosters, that make it much easier to achieve the levels goals. Always have an eye on the scores though, as you only have a limited amount of moves to reach win the level. Play the wonderful Candy Rain 2now online and for free!
  • LabirInk report LabirInk GameKos
    2 years ago Try to find all parts of key and find the exit from the labyrinth.rnTime is limited.rnGo through the several layers of the labyrinth to find the ExitrnControl:rnUse A,S,D,W or Arrows to move you sphere through the LabyrinthrnLook at the path after your move,it will help you not to lose in this labyrinth.
  • Treasure Seekers: Dungeon Map report Treasure Seekers: Dungeon Map GameKos
    2 years ago Search through all the rooms of all the houses for the pieces of the dungeon map to find the treasure! A hidden objects game with spot the difference mini games. Find all the items in the list in every scene and you will be rewarded with a score and a piece of the map. Once you have all the pieces of the map then it will be time for the treasure hunt!
  • Rome Puzzle report Rome Puzzle GameKos
    2 years ago <p><span style=\"font-family: verdana; color: #dddddd; font-size: 13px; line-height: 15px;\">Unique combination of a puzzle and city management.</span></p>
  • Text Twist 2 report Text Twist 2 8iz
    1 year ago Challenge yourself to this fast paced thinking game. Come up with words as quickly as possible with the letters given to you.
  • Save The King report Save The King Creetor
    7 months ago As the brave knight of the realm you must save the king that had been kidnapped by the evil dragon. Dragons live on top of the mountain, so to get there you must use balloons in order to there. Will You be able to save your king that you sworn you loyal to? Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Jungle Magic report Jungle Magic GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Enter the jungle to match ancient artifacts and activate powerful totems in this magical game. Unlike most other match-3 games, Jungle Magic allows the player to continuously switch artifacts while others are still matching and dissolving. The game features 20 levels dispersed over 5 totems with uncountable power-ups and special effects&hellip;unlock them all to reach match-3 heaven!</p>
  • Tetris Jungle report Tetris Jungle 8Bob
    1 year ago Have fun playing 'Tetris Jungle' and feel the challenge of matching blocks to earn points. Let's see how well you can make it.
  • Classic Ancient Mahjong report Classic Ancient Mahjong 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Zoo Matching report Zoo Matching 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • WOW Connect 2 report WOW Connect 2 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Vampire Secret Rooms report Vampire Secret Rooms 8Bob
    1 year ago Think you have the guts to find all the things that you need inside the 'Vampire Secret Rooms'? Well you be quick as you possibly can to win the game. Let's see how good you really are.
  • Mahjong Connect Jungle report Mahjong Connect Jungle 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Teacher's Diary report Teacher's Diary 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Bubble Chicky report Bubble Chicky 4J
    5 months ago The hen is decided to save her chickens, but all of these vegetables are on her way. In this wild puzzle Html5 games, help she took them from the tomatoes to the fireworks all shattered into pieces. Tap, aim and release to shoot free all chicks to win.
  • Wordcross report Wordcross GameKos
    2 years ago Find all the words from the list as fast as possible! Press on the letter and drag to select a word!
  • Sliding Puzzle: Flowers report Sliding Puzzle: Flowers GameKos
    2 years ago <p>Use the mouse to move the sliding blocks and restore the scrambled picture. The game has few levels of difficulty, the number of the blocks is increased at every level. You can also use arrows or WASD keys on the keyboard.</p>
  • Gems of Egypt (Match 3) report Gems of Egypt (Match 3) GameKos
    2 years ago <p>Match 3 Game - Classic Jedi style battle of Good vs. Evil using High Quality Animations and Graphics.</p>rn<p>Match 3 or more tiles and defeat the bad guys.</p>rn<p>A little bit of action for casual game play is what we were thinking about.</p>rn<p>Play in Easy-Medium-Hard</p>rn<p>6 Achievements to Unlock</p>
  • Electric Locomotive report Electric Locomotive GameKos
    2 years ago Recreate a picture of an Eastern European electric locomotive using jigsaw pieces in our electric locomotive jigsaw game. Win points for every correct piece and lose points for any pieces you try and place in the wrong place. Every minute of play reduces your score, as does clicking the show picture button. Your final total can be added to a high score table if you wish. Or just totally ignore the points and make the jigsaw in your own time. Use the pass button at no cost in points to move through the available pieces one by one. Left click and drag each piece, if you think you know where it fits, and drop it into place. A tip is to find the corners first and then the edge pieces.
  • Ramayana report Ramayana JoinGamer
    2 years ago Nirvana is only a few clicks away.
  • Descent of the Tomb report Descent of the Tomb Creetor
    3 months ago After many years of dedicated search, the entrance to an ancient tomb had been found. Rumors and folktales told of riches beyond your wildest imagination lies behind those walls. Descent of the Tomb is a point and click adventure game that require you to solve cunning puzzles and lethal traps.Be wary or Be Entombed. Note: Some challenges in the game may require you to try again if you fail but it will not start the game over. Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple report Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple Creetor
    7 months ago This time you should undergo many trials and solve all puzzles...
  • Secret Vineyard report Secret Vineyard GameGox
    2 years ago Secret Vineyard is a point and click type escape the room game developed by SelfDefiant for CafeCafeGames.rnrnYour uncle left you his vineyard. There are rumors that he had treasure hidden somewhere around. It is up to you to find it.
  • Trip to Egypt (Hidden Objects Game) report Trip to Egypt (Hidden Objects Game) GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Your vacation to Egypt is cut short when you were called to visit a site that was recently excavated. You are a pro and distinguishing real from fake is easy. So get started, as this site has been contaminated with new technology. You must now find things on your list and help sort the site out.</p>rn<p>Game Features:<br /> <br />3 Fun Filled Levels<br />6 Achievements to Unlock</p>rn<p></p>
  • 4 Elements 2 report 4 Elements 2 GameGox
    2 years ago Misfortune has befallen the magic kingdom again! A careless charm made the formerly wondrous ancient world overcast, beset with darkness and despair. Four fairies of the elements were deprived of their magic power. Be the hero the kingdom seeks: set the fairies of earth, air, fire and water free, and restore the book of magic in the sequel to the renowned puzzler by Playrix!
  • Pieces of Horus report Pieces of Horus GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Beyond the endless deserted sand sea lies an unseen Pyramid , the Chamber of God and Pharaoh ,</p>\r\n<p>Where 15 of extremely rare treasures are hidden .In here too, all of Kirara, your lover&rsquo;s Life &amp; hope is at stake .</p>\r\n<p>Now the only option you have is to explore the truth and menace of that pyramid ,&nbsp; to save your only soulmate.</p>
  • Gem invasion report Gem invasion Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • The Toffee Town report The Toffee Town Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Fishdom 3 report Fishdom 3 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Curse of diamond report Curse of diamond Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Connect Animals 2 report Connect Animals 2 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Blubble report Blubble Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Floors Escape 2 report Floors Escape 2 Like a Gamer
    9 months ago Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Keep the Floors Escape app so we can notify you of new floors. Addicting mini puzzles Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors Constant updates of New Floors
  • Super Stacker 2 report Super Stacker 2 4J
    5 months ago Super Stacker is back with 40 new levels, 4 speedruns, a stack editor, revamped graphics and more . Can you stack the shapes without any falling off the screen?Your stack must survive 10 seconds or until the shapes feel happy that they won't to fall.
  • Crystal Fairy report Crystal Fairy 4J
    5 months ago Collect the images of the animals to grow magical creatures. Move the image parts down by matching 3 or more in a row. Get special bonus by matching the same color twice in a row. Have a good time!
  • Room Escape 15 report Room Escape 15 4J
    1 week ago In this game, you locked in this room. The only way to escape from this room is to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around this room and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun.
  • Multitask report Multitask 4J
    5 months ago Multitask is a examination of your skill to participate in various game titles at the same time. The goal of Multitask is easy: Participate in as much games at the same time as you can!
  • 1001 Arabian Nights 2 report 1001 Arabian Nights 2 JoinGamer
    2 years ago The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.
  • Lost in Reefs report Lost in Reefs JoinGamer
    2 years ago The story of Lost in Reefs revolves around an ancient city hidden beneath the sea where it was fabled to hold residence to a mutual bond between humans and dragons.
  • Fairway Solitaire report Fairway Solitaire JoinGamer
    2 years ago An exellent mix from solitaire puzzle game and golf game.
  • Drop blocks report Drop blocks 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • The Enchanted Forest report The Enchanted Forest 8Bob
    1 year ago Think you have the wisest strategy to find all the pieces in the 'The Enchanted Forest'? Well you better find it all as quickly as you possibly can to win the game.
  • Woobies Winter report Woobies Winter 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Miniclip Mahjongg report Miniclip Mahjongg 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • MahJong Connect report MahJong Connect 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Mahjong Tower report Mahjong Tower 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Halloween Bubble report Halloween Bubble 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Pirate Chains report Pirate Chains 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Jewel quest 2 report Jewel quest 2 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Mayhan Mahjong report Mayhan Mahjong 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Clausus report Clausus Like a Gamer
    9 months ago Shoot blocks off the stage in this physics puzzle based on Blosics. Gather money and collect stars to unlock new balls.
  • Museum Menace report Museum Menace 8Bob
    1 year ago Museum Menace gives you a mind blowing experience in finding the hidden objects inside the museum. Do you think you can find all the missing piece? Let's see what you got.
  • Galactic Gems report Galactic Gems 8Bob
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Adventure Joy Escape Pirate Ship report Adventure Joy Escape Pirate Ship Like a Gamer
    9 months ago Welcome to the Adventure Escape Joy Pirate Ship Escape Game. In this Adventure game you have to escape from the Pirate Ship. You have been capture in the Pirate Ship and you have to escape from it. Solve the puzzle and fine the right object to escape the Pirate Ship. If you feel hard to play stuck in any area just click the walkthrough button to know how to solve the puzzle and how to open the all lock to escape from the Pirate Ship. You have to Unlock the lifeboat and Escape from the Pirate ship. Find the 2 piston to release the lifeboat. Use the symbols keys handsaw locks magic water and etc to escape from the island. In this game you have a surprise in the game end. This is Adventure escape games Third series and you will get more numbers in future. Read the walkthrough and play it step by step.
  • Fruit Memory Game report Fruit Memory Game GameKos
    2 years ago Fruit Memory game, play this online memory game and test your memory skills. Match pairs of the same image. Remember where the fruits are and pick the right memory cars. Try to beat the highest score.
  • Hidden Objects: Hidden World Of Adventures 2 report Hidden Objects: Hidden World Of Adventures 2 GameKos
    2 years ago Welcome back to the new hidden adventure! There are still many uncharted places in remote countries of the World waiting to be explored. Discover all the hidden objects in the distant locations.
  • Detective Files 2 report Detective Files 2 GameKos
    2 years ago This time he searches inside the mansion for clues and begins to find that many of the doors are locked and that there may be more secrets behind this mansion than anyone had thought before.
  • Bubble Matcher report Bubble Matcher GameKos
    2 years ago <p>A great aqua themed bubble match 3 plus game. Contains worldwide highscore integration for the kings and queens of bubble shooters.This game is for all ages and a great way to pass time.</p><br /><p>The goal is to clear all bubbles from the screen. Do this by matching 3 or more bubbles of the same color. You add bubbles by shooting them from beneath. If you fail to match bubbles more bubbles are add to the field. The game ends when the bubbles reach the bottom or all bubbles are cleared.</p>
  • Trip to Never Land report Trip to Never Land GameKos
    2 years ago Travel to the lost corners of the globe and discover hidden items.
  • Mini Scientist report Mini Scientist GameKos
    2 years ago The mini scientist needs an engine for his rocket to get to the space. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions that will unlock each mini level.
  • Save The Dummy report Save The Dummy GameKos
    2 years ago Rescue this little ragdoll dummy out of the 30 physics based puzzle. Your dummy is tied, trapped and hung. Get him down or move him up to save him by removing RED blocks. Use any means to mercilessly get the dummy out of there.
  • Midnight Cinema report Midnight Cinema Creetor
    7 months ago Halloween is fast approaching and Vova loves the thrill of scary movies. A horror film was recently released on his local theater, called Slash, and he really want to watch it. But there is a problem, it is invitation only for the first few weeks. Luckily Vova, friend have an invitatio, but you must do him a favor first. A fun interactive adventure puzzler, where you interact with objects and people inside the game to figure out solutions. Everybody can enjoy it because it is available in many different languages. Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Woblox report Woblox 8iz
    7 months ago Can you solve all of the 45 levels?
  • Don't Cross The Line report Don't Cross The Line 8iz
    9 months ago Move the lines around so that they do not cross.
  • Ludo King Online report Ludo King Online 8iz
    3 months ago Try to win each game in this fun 3D board game that you can play against your friends.
  • Bad Piggies Online 2018 report Bad Piggies Online 2018 Creetor
    4 months ago Your job is to help the Bad Piggies gather pieces of maps by building and creating different types of machines. Use different components each with their own special properties as you combine them together to transparent your piggies. Bad Piggies Online 2018 is updated with more 16 more levels inside "Flight in the Night". Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Crazy Match-3 report Crazy Match-3 8iz
    10 months ago Try to match the blocks together!
  • Puzzle Ball report Puzzle Ball MyGame
    4 days ago The clock is ticking. Can you get this ball into the hole before time runs out?
  • Puzzle Quest report Puzzle Quest MyGame
    4 days ago Try to play this game bejeweled and you need to get the highest score.
  • Map Making report Map Making GameGox
    2 years ago Aim of the game is to complete the map.
  • AE Pipes report AE Pipes GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Using a variety of pipe&nbsp;pieces presented randomly in a queue, the player must construct a path from the start piece for the onrushing sewer slime, which begins flowing after a time delay from the start of the round. The flooz is required to pass through a given number of pipe pieces in order for the player to pass to the next round. Some rounds also include an end piece, which must be the end of the pipeline the player has constructed, in addition to fulfilling the minimum pipe length requirement.</p>
  • Mysteries of Horus report Mysteries of Horus GameGox
    2 years ago Do you have what it takes to appease the vengeful gods of ancient Egypt?
  • Extreme Bowling Blast report Extreme Bowling Blast Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Vase Mistery report Vase Mistery GameGox
    2 years ago Vase Mystery is a puzzle game, where player have to break glass vases with magic. There are 24 campaign levels and much more custom levels made by players. Campaign levels are not very difficult if you know some main concepts of the vase magic.<br /><br />Use mouse to fill vases. If vase is full, it blows! And fills/blows nearby vases by magic sparks.<br />Get higher score by doing less clicks to pass the level.<br />Get even higher score by making combo. The longer chain-reaction you create, the more combo score you gain.<br />Get the highest score after launching two simultaneous chain-reactions by fast clicking on two separate vases.<br />Use the Arrows to change direction of magic sparks. Arrows can be rotated at any time and they do not affect final score. Use them while reaction goes on.<br />Red vases can\'t be filled by player click. Blow nearby vases to blow a red vase.<br />Wall blocks all magic, find a way for the chain-reaction to pass behind.
  • Light it report Light it GameGox
    2 years ago Connect all the lamps with the main battery to light them. Click on wire parts to rotate them. Once all lights are connected with the main battery, you move on to the next level.
  • Suma report Suma GameGox
    2 years ago Survive the ancient temples of Suma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler! Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting with traps and trickery, and it\'s up to you to uncover their treasures. Fire magical balls from your stone frog idol to make matches of three or more and clear the deadly chain before it reaches the golden skull.Explore all the temples — if you\'re good, you’ll rack up huge combos and special bonuses that\'ll help you on your way. But think fast and aim smart, or you\'ll be history in this action-packed puzzle challenge!rnrnDestroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of rnthe same colour and dont the the balls reach the skull.rnrnClick the mouse to shoot the marbles where you want hte marbles to go.rnrnThe gem in the back of the frog shows the colour of the next balls, press the space bar to swap the colour of the marble to be shot.
  • Magic Stones report Magic Stones GameGox
    2 years ago <p><span style=\"font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: #414244; line-height: 18px;\">Destroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 magic stones, then you can get a bomb!</span></p>
  • Ancient jewels 2 report Ancient jewels 2 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Trollface Quest 3 report Trollface Quest 3 BubbleBox
    4 months ago Prepare to get trolled all over again. Trollface Quest 3 is here; do you have the patience to make it through this painfully annoying quest? Click on the screen to solve each puzzle; I can't get past the second screen... Can you!?
  • Despicable Me Hidden Objects report Despicable Me Hidden Objects GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Find out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time to score more.</p>
  • Ruined House - Atonement report Ruined House - Atonement GameGox
    2 years ago A long time ago this house was a beatuiful place. Then the vase broke in 4 pieces and the house became a mess. It\'s now up to you to find the hidden objects and recover the vase in 4 levels.
  • Lock \'n\' Roll report Lock \'n\' Roll GameGox
    2 years ago <p>Lock \'n\' Roll is an intriguing and addictive puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and skill. Roll four dice at a time and arrange them on a 4x4 grid. Receive points for various combinations according to number and color.<br /><br />You must place all four dice before you may roll again, and once you lock them down, they are fixed in place! The most difficult combinations are cleared from the board.<br /><br />Earn enough points and be rewarded with a Joker! The game keeps going until there are no more places for dice. How high can you score? That\'s entirely up to you...</p>
  • Mystic sea jewel report Mystic sea jewel Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Woodville Chronicles report Woodville Chronicles Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • The Treasures of Montezuma 2 report The Treasures of Montezuma 2 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Fishdom 2 report Fishdom 2 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Jewel quest 2 report Jewel quest 2 Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Digging diamonds report Digging diamonds Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Fruit Connect report Fruit Connect Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Energy Physics: RR report Energy Physics: RR Yomza
    1 year ago No description available.
  • Maze Race report Maze Race Zdoz
    2 years ago No description available.
  • Ben 10 Mahjong report Ben 10 Mahjong JoinGamer
    2 years ago Have fun playing this classic mahjong game of Ben 10.
  • Connect 2 Game report Connect 2 Game JoinGamer
    2 years ago Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them. Clear all the tiles before the time runs out.
  • Jewel Physics report Jewel Physics JoinGamer
    2 years ago Roll, drop or push the beautiful diamond jewel into the gift box so it can be delivered to your loved one
  • Pick Up Sticks 2 report Pick Up Sticks 2 JoinGamer
    2 years ago Click on the correctly colored sticks as fast as you can!
  • Fruits report Fruits 4J
    5 months ago Welcome to Fruits Island! Have fun with the physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to crush all edible fruits as fast as possible. To smash them into each other just use interactive objects like ballons or launch single fruit to destroy obstructive platforms. Enjoy!
  • Wants One Million Second Edition report Wants One Million Second Edition 4J
    5 months ago Based on the popular show who wants to be a millionaire?
  • Scientist House report Scientist House 4J
    5 months ago Welcome to this interesting and amazing new escape game. If you got informations that your puppy would be released only if you collect the ten neutral devices from different places and fix it in the space ship. And you need to show good problem solving skills, so that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles.
  • Secret Story Hidden Objects report Secret Story Hidden Objects 4J
    5 months ago A beautiful and mystical fairy has lost her magic. She is very sad, because without it she can't create her powerful potions and spells. Can you find the lost magic items she needs to get her powers back? The items are hidden all around the magic woods and she needs help finding them. Start the exclusive game called Secret Story Hidden Objects and help the great fairy. The first place you need to search is the woods near her house and here you can find the squirrel, mushroom, butterfly, bat and lady bug. Search under every leaf to find all of these hidden objects, but be careful because you only have ten tries. Next, search for the spider, royal butterfly, wild mushroom, colorful bird and the snail. The quest to find the fairy's magic will take you to the mystical river of the land and, in Secret Story Hidden Objects, you will need to find the rare gold fish, the orange frog, the singing bird, the trusty snake and the mysterious blue butterflies. Only a few items left to be found and the fairy will receive her magical back. The most important one is the star dust and the magical key. Finally the fairy has her magic back and she couldn't be more happy. Have fun playing Secret Story Hidden Objects!
  • The Hidden Gift report The Hidden Gift 4J
    5 months ago This Christmas is coming, your grandpa bought a mystery gift for you. But he said that he will give it on Christmas only. Now find it before your father know! You need to solve many problems, good luck!
  • Save My Tree report Save My Tree 4J
    5 months ago In this lovely physics-based puzzle game you have to lead the drop of water to the tree to rescue it from drying up. Remove blockage points to clear the way to the hose and use powerups to increase your speed. Have fun!
  • Hang Man Extreme report Hang Man Extreme 4J
    5 months ago Answer correctly or the stick man will die. Don't worry he won't be hung but instead there are a lot ways for him to die.
  • Q: Compressing The Heart report Q: Compressing The Heart 4J
    5 months ago You are captured in a weird dark world and after a short blackout you realize that a bad creature has stolen your heart. Find out what happened to your blood-pumping ticker in this point and click adventure game. Release your soul from your body and explore this mysterious horrific place. Have fun!
  • Plumber report Plumber 4J
    1 week ago Plumper Pipe is a puzzle game which is interesting but not easy. In this game, you need to complete this jigsaw to drain the water. Have a good time!
  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story report Snail Bob 6: Winter Story 4J
    5 months ago Snail bob returns! This time you need to help the snail through this winter adventure!
  • Sea Bubble Pirates 3 report Sea Bubble Pirates 3 4J
    5 months ago Pop colored bubbles keep this pirate ship floating on the open in this Html5 game! Clear 3 or more bubbles on the screen. Pop bubbles and collect all the coins to beat the level. Swap bubbles by tapping the next bubble. Use the walls to reach the higher bubbles! Enjoy!
  • My Old Items report My Old Items 4J
    4 months ago My Old Items is an interesting hidden object puzzle game. In this game you need to find specific things in many old item in the limited time. Have a good day!
  • Fleeing The Complex report Fleeing The Complex 4J
    5 months ago The fun game Fleeing the Complex is online!It's some place in a far off land where the snowy mountains meet the see.There lies a prison complex.Henry has become a new residents of the home of the baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world.Welcome to the prison! The game will lead to 5 different results and 60 unique failings!Luckily the new map system can let you enjoy the super easy way to jump back to any scene you've already seen.Have fun!
  • Another World report Another World 4J
    3 days ago In this game, you locked in this room. The only way to escape from this room is to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around this room and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun.
  • Peacock Ship report Peacock Ship 4J
    1 week ago Peacock ship is an inspiring and delightful escape game. Your search for the lost son has led you to a beautiful, compelling peacock ship. You can find a magical liquid in this ship which helps you swim underwater for much longer time. Don't get blown away by the beauty of the ship, there may be many problems waiting for you. Solve mind cracking riddles and unsolvable problems to find the liquid.
  • Pothole report Pothole 4J
    4 days ago In this game, your need to collect some magical crocodile tooth from the cave. The only way to escape from this cave to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around this cave and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun.
  • Blow Things Up report Blow Things Up 4J
    5 months ago Blow Things Up is an amusing physics-dependent game. Put bombs on the display screen to get rid of the bad fellas without taking out the great guys. Use as few bombs as probable to earn the golden trophy in every degree. Let's blow issues up!
  • Wake Up The Box 5 report Wake Up The Box 5 4J
    5 months ago Wake up the box of each level by drawing shapes and letting gravity do its thing in the newest version of Wake Up The Box.
  • Blob's Story report Blob's Story 4J
    5 months ago Blob's Story is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Bring the male blob to his cute lady is your mission. Choose the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Then it will kiss its lover.
  • Castle Clout 3 report Castle Clout 3 4J
    5 months ago A new age has begun in this awesome new update to the original Castle Clout.
  • Angry Birds Puzzles report Angry Birds Puzzles Like a Gamer
    9 months ago A new puzzle game including angry bird make it him happy before get angry.
  • Chicken Shoot report Chicken Shoot Like a Gamer
    9 months ago You can shoot chickens out of cannons. Shoot chickens and fall into the pool. Fall into the pool for a minimum number of shots. Complete 20 levels of complete physical puzzles.
  • Puffball Puzzles 2 report Puffball Puzzles 2 Like a Gamer
    4 days ago To complete a level get the puffballs into the basket on one try. Click a puffball and then move the mouse to choose the direction and strength of your launch. Click to launch. Use your tricky wits to slamdunk these light and fluffy puffballs.
  • The Holy Phrovackh Lair report The Holy Phrovackh Lair 4J
    2 months ago In this game, your Girlfriend was locked inside an ancient cave. The only way to find her to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around the cave and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun.
  • Loose Cannon Physics report Loose Cannon Physics Like a Gamer
    9 months ago Blast your cannon shoot your rifle and jump around to beat 30 levels of pirate mayhem in this physics puzzle.
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