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  • Disney Princess Graduation Party report Disney Princess Graduation Party 4J 6 months ago
    The graduation party for princesses is around the corner. It's very important day for all princesses in all kingdoms. So, four BFF - Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Snow White - decided to compete and find out, who will become the next Prom Queen? But first of all every of them needs to get a total makeover! And you are the one who should help them have an eye-catching appearance. Choose the perfect dress for every princess, add some accessories and don't forget about cool hairstyle. No matter who will win - every princess will feel herself like a queen that night because of your perfect sense of fashion.
  • Elsa Messy Bathroom report Elsa Messy Bathroom 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Barbie Bridesmaid Makeover report Barbie Bridesmaid Makeover 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Princesses Creepy Fashion report Princesses Creepy Fashion 4J 6 months ago
    Girls, today is the most wanted holiday of all - Halloween! Your favorite princesses Anna, Elsa and Ariel have been waiting for this holiday a whole year. They have bought lots of different creepy costumes and Halloween outfits. Now, princesses are trying to choose the best outfits for each of them. Let's give each princess a helping hand? Check out all princesses' outfits and choose the best of them. There are many different beautiful dresses and hairstyles and accessories - choose anything you like. Remember, Anna, Elsa and Ariel want to look both creepy and fashionable on the Halloween. Have a Happy Halloween!
  • New Girl At Princess College report New Girl At Princess College 4J 6 months ago
    Moana is new at Princess College. Now help her put her issues into the right place. Then dress up for these princesses. Have fun!
  • Princesses Fashion Instagrammers report Princesses Fashion Instagrammers 4J 1 month ago
    Welcome to Princesses Fashion Instagrammers! These princesses are so boring today so they decide to try some different outfits and take some photos put on their instagram. Help them dress up, have fun!
  • Barbie's City Break Fashion report Barbie's City Break Fashion 4J 1 month ago
    Barbie is a beautiful princess and she always want to try many different style dresses. Barbie's City Break Fashion is a game help her dress up in city style, which dress you will choose? Let's have a try!
  • Moana Joins Disney Highschool report Moana Joins Disney Highschool SueFun 10 months ago
    Moana is ready to start high school. She cant wait to meet all the other girls and have fun together. Join her as she preps for this amazing new experience in her life. The first step is a fun outfit. She needs to look great just like Elsa or Ariel. Help her choose a pretty yellow dress with cute aztec patterns and a lovely hairstyle with cute highlights.
  • Elsa Twins Day Care report Elsa Twins Day Care SueFun 1 year ago
    Elsa has a life insurance and now that she has twins she is thinking about making a life insurance for her kids as well. Help Elsa clean and feed the cute twins so everyone is happy.
  • Romantic Date Hairstyle report Romantic Date Hairstyle PlayRosy 4 months ago
    Lets play a new amazing game with a beautiful princess who has a romantic date tonight. As you know a girl should always look wonderful but when shes going on a date more than ever. She is a little stressed because her hair doesent look good and has no idea how to create a hairstyle and get ready for the meeting in time. Could you help her do something about it
  • Princess Of A Year report Princess Of A Year PlayRosy 3 months ago
    The Kingdom is holding the annual event that have got a big popularity between beautiful princesses. This year three new competitors are going to get the glorious name Princess of a Year Help Rapunzel Cinderella and Snow White to get ready for the contest choose their outfits shoes hairstyles and accessories wisely because this time there are very strict judges who decide which princess gets the prize.
  • Rapunzel Team Choice report Rapunzel Team Choice 4J 6 months ago
    It's already spring outside and that's meen, that it's time for total makeover! Surfing through the most fashionable facebook and instagram pages, tangled princess Rapunzel wants to change her style. But she isn't sure it will fit her well. Should she become brunette? Or stay blonde? It's really important decision, because changing her hairstyle means a total change of her wardrobe and image too! Thanks god, her friends are always besides her! Team Blondie and Team Brunette are ready to open the doors of their dressing rooms and let Rapunzel try both of the styles. Who is going to meet a new member of their club? Blonde-haired Disney princesses Aurora and Elsa? Or dark-haired fashionistas Jasmine and Snow White? Let us see what is going to happen!
  • Princesses Board Games Night report Princesses Board Games Night 4J 6 months ago
    These three princesses want to spend a board games night, now help them dress up and decorate their room, they will be so happy if you could do this. Thank you!
  • Princess Secret Santa report Princess Secret Santa 4J 6 months ago
    Christmas is coming, now these four princesses want to prepare some gifts for each other. You need to help them finish that. When you done that, dress up for them and enjoy this wonderful night!
  • Barbie Nightlife Shopping report Barbie Nightlife Shopping 4J 6 months ago
    Barbie interest is to go shopping. She always buys a lot of new clothing. Now Barbie is ready to start buying, to give her pick a set of beautiful outfit for nightlife!
  • Beauty And The Beat report Beauty And The Beat 4J 3 weeks ago
    When it comes to music, Belle is ready to drop the beat. Look through Belle's wardrobe and make her hip-hop style makeover. Looks like this song is going to blow up all the charts! Have fun!
  • Barbie Tropical In The City report Barbie Tropical In The City 4J 1 month ago
    Barbie has been in the city for a while, now she wants to try tropical style. First help her make up and then choose some suitable clothes for her, she will become pretty attractive. Enjoy it!
  • Princesses Great Reunion report Princesses Great Reunion 4J 1 month ago
    Ariel, Jasmine and Belle haven't seen each other for ages. Finally, the day of their great reunion has come! First help them make over for their hands and decorate them, then dress up them and go out with them! Have fun!
  • Princess Models at Milan Fashion Week report Princess Models at Milan Fashion Week PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Princesses Cinderella and Ariel are the best graduates of the Princess Model School. A week ago they both have applied for a dream job they want to work as runway models at Milan Fashion Week. And guess what Today both BFFs received the invitations
  • Princess Glittery Party report Princess Glittery Party PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Tonight is a party night for these three princesses BFFs Ariel Anna and Elsa are attending a posh party this evening and the party style is glitter. Help the princesses shop for some beautiful glittery outfits and make sure they look fab
  • Barbie Princess Charm School report Barbie Princess Charm School PlayRosy 1 year ago
    Barbie is a student at the famous Charm school. She loves it there and she has a lot of friends. Today she has a game for you and your friends. Barbie has a list of tiny objects that she hide. Your task is to find them as soon as possible. Have fun
  • Blonde Princess Wedding Fashion report Blonde Princess Wedding Fashion PlayRosy 1 month ago
    Your favorite blonde princess is getting ready for her wedding day Will you help her be the most beautiful bride Choose a discreet makeup and then pick out your favorite wedding dress hairstyle jewelry and bouquet. With your help shell look absolutely stunning
  • Disney College Life report Disney College Life 4J 6 months ago
    Everyone says that college years are the happiest time of your life! Join princesses Anna, Rapunzel, Belle and Ariel in their everyday college routine. The girls are finishing their last college year and they wants to get the best of college life. Science conferences, sport events, beauty pageants, new friends, parties all night long... Visit Anna and Rapunzel in their dorm room and help them clean up before the dorm keeper Ms. Gothel comes with a check-up. When it's study time help Ariel and Belle copy Rapunzel's test while Professor Ursula isn't looking. Finally, move on last page of college life and dress Ariel, Anna and Belle to make them shine at college prom! Live through all these college stories together with Disney princesses!
  • Baby Barbie Fairy Salon report Baby Barbie Fairy Salon 4J 6 months ago
    A great dream that baby Barbie has is to become a very fairy. She loves this mystical and cute creatures, because they are powerful and delicate. She wants to be a great fairy and that's why she has decided to head to the great fairy salon for the great makeover. Start the fun game called Baby Barbie Fairy Salon and help her achieve a delicate, yet powerful look! A nice start is a hair spa. Wash her hair with water and shampoo with a great scent and then add a hair mask to make the hair look cute and silky. Rinse the lather from the hair and then dry it with a hair drier. In Baby Barbie Fairy Salon it's a good idea to cut the split ends of the hair with sharp scissors and apply a wonderful spray to add a touch of sparkle. The fairy makeover continues with a wonderful makeup application. A delicate look needs a great touch of blush, a pinks shade of lipstick and a nice pink eye shadow.
  • Disney Princess New Year Prom report Disney Princess New Year Prom 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa and Anna celebrated the arrival of the New Year with a party for their friend Rapunzel. Showing your fashionable advises to them and help to design them a new looks. Selecting new outfits to dress them up and matching with fashion shoes and sparkling jewelries. Enjoy!
  • Frozen Sisters College Life report Frozen Sisters College Life 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa and Anna are beautiful students in a college. Help them to stay beautiful every day and choose for them some new and trendy outlooks! You will find many different clothes in their wardrobe. Have fun!
  • New Year Eve Party report New Year Eve Party 4J 4 months ago
    Elsa and Anna want to take part in the new years eve party, but they can't go there just like this. So can you help them pick some fashion dresses? They will be so grateful for your assist!
  • Princesses Troubles report Princesses Troubles 4J 2 months ago
    These three Disney princesses have different troubles today, can you help them solve all their problems? They will be so glad for your help. Enjoy your day with these princesses.
  • Princess Prom Ball report Princess Prom Ball 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel are going to prom and they have to look perfect! You can make a lot of great fashion combinations keeping in mind that each princess has her unique style. Start by choosing Elsa's hairdo, dress and accessories, then move on to her best friends. Try as many glamorous dresses as you like for Anna and Rapunzel and make all three of them shine on the dance floor!
  • Cinderella Gala Host report Cinderella Gala Host 4J 1 month ago
    Oh, Princess Cindrella become the host of the gala this year, she is both excited and happy, she hasn't prepared for it but she really want to do it well. Can you help her finish her job? First you need to make over for her to make her looks fashional and the choose the most beautiful dress for her to make her more attractive. You will be her most important assistant. Have fun!
  • Disney Vs Villain Valentines Day report Disney Vs Villain Valentines Day 4J 5 months ago
    This Disney princess Elsa and Villain want to spend their Valentines day, now can you help them dress up for this special day? Thank you!
  • Elsa's Fashion Raincoat report Elsa's Fashion Raincoat 4J 1 month ago
    Today Elsa want to take part in a fashion Raincoat party, can you help her pick some beautiful Raincoats? She will be so grateful for your assist!
  • Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleader report Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleader 4J 2 months ago
    Elsa and Rapunzel's boyfriend will have a basketball competition, so they decide to become the cheerleader of their boyfriend's team. Now help them dress up in cheerleader style and help them decorate the poster. Enjoy our new game Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleader!
  • Frozen Sisters Barbecue Party report Frozen Sisters Barbecue Party 4J 6 months ago
    Feel the taste of new decorating game! Your aim is to help princess make a real spring party! In this game, you have to repair and clean all things at their house to make it glow and shining. Don't forget to choose the furniture, grill, party decorations and invite friends! Make your own barbecue party! If you like it, you can share this game with your friends on Facebook. Eager to play? Let's go, girls! Have fun!
  • Disney Super Princess 1 report Disney Super Princess 1 4J 6 months ago
    Every girl has a dream of becoming a super hero, Ariel and Barbie is no exception. In this game, you can help them to realize the dream! Let's to dress up Ariel and Barbie to help them become a super hero! Have fun!
  • Barbie Deluxe Wedding Dress report Barbie Deluxe Wedding Dress 4J 6 months ago
    Barbie dreams of having a deluxe wedding dress for her wedding day! So she comes to your fashion studio and hopefully you could design the most unique wedding dress exlusively for her. First you need to take her measurements. Then select the perfect neckline, dress silhouette, dress lenght, sleeves and fabrics according to Barbie's requirements. After this, it's your job to tailor and sew the pieces into a dress. The most important part is to add some decorations to make this dress unique. Last, help Barbie select a cute hairstyle and some accessories to match with her deluxe dress! have fun!
  • Princesses Outdoor Party Cleaning report Princesses Outdoor Party Cleaning 4J 2 months ago
    These princesses want to hold a outdoor party, but the yard is dirty, can you help them clean it up and make the party hold according to plan? Thank you!
  • Aurora Makeup Salon report Aurora Makeup Salon SueFun 1 year ago
    Aurora feels the need for a change. Today she is visiting your salon. Let us give the princess a total beauty treatment and make her skin look soft and amooth. Finish the look change with a new makeup. Have fun
  • Elsa Goes To Tanning Salon report Elsa Goes To Tanning Salon SueFun 1 year ago
    Elsa s credit card is empty and she can not afford an expensive vacation or a vacation insurance. She can not even dream at a tropical island but she found the perfect solution for a great tan. Help Elsa go to the tanning salon so she can have a beautiful tanned skin. Her credit card might be empty but she looks like a star.
  • Disney princess Coachella report Disney princess Coachella SueFun 1 year ago
    The Disney princesses are trying an old fashion theme coachella clothes. You need to pick the most beautiful clothes for each princess. You have beautiful dresses shortstops pants and a lot of accessories and tattoos. Each princess will look spectacular thanks to you.
  • Princess Slumber Party Funny Faces report Princess Slumber Party Funny Faces SueFun 1 year ago
    Elsa invited Cinderella and Jasmine at her place for a fun slumber party. The girls can not wait to have so much fun together and they need your help. Choose the best outfits and accessories for each princess and make them look cute. After the princesses go to bed help Elsa paint their faces. Enjoy
  • Chibi Princess Maker report Chibi Princess Maker SueFun 1 year ago
    Use your knowledge to create your favorite Chibi princesses. Start with the color of skin and eyes continue with hair style and outfit and finish with the accessories. This is so much fun and cute. Enjoy
  • Disney Princess Going To Prom report Disney Princess Going To Prom SueFun 1 year ago
    Be the royal fashion adviser. ArielJasmine and Belle need your advice for their prom outfits. Can you help the princesses look amazing Choose the best outfits and accessories for them
  • Elsa Mommy Vogue Interview report Elsa Mommy Vogue Interview SueFun 1 year ago
    Elsa has a wonderful opportunity to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Join her for a wonderful interview and learn new and interesting things about Elsa and her life. Answer each question and have lots of fun with Elsa and her sweet baby who will be present for the interview. Enjoy
  • Diy Belle Jewelry Box report Diy Belle Jewelry Box SueFun 1 year ago
    Belle found an old wooden box that would look amazing as a jewelry box. Let us help Belle diy the box and create something truly amazing. Follow the instructions and use the carpentry tools to transform the box into a work of art. Now all you need to do is decorate it and fill it with gems.
  • Princesses Wedding Selfie report Princesses Wedding Selfie Like a Gamer 7 months ago
    You are invited to a very special wedding. This gorgeous blonde princess is marrying the man of her dreams and she must have a perfect wedding. Lets start by dressing up the bride. Choose the most special dress and accessories. Make her look wonderful and after that take care of the wedding decorations. She will have the perfect day thanks to you
  • Cute Little Cupid report Cute Little Cupid PlayRosy 4 months ago
    Oh no evil witch wants to destroy Valentines Day She hid all the gifts that the princes prepared for heirs beloved princess Flynn Kristoff and Jack are very upset about that But Fynsy will help to safe the Valentines Day and youll help her wont you First of all we have to find items to make new gifts for Elsa Anna and Rapunzel
  • Princess Denim Collection report Princess Denim Collection PlayRosy 1 month ago
    Did you know that denim is back in trend this summer Fashion designer Cinderella always keeps up with the hottest trends. Thats why she decided to create a denim collection for summer 2017. Stitch by stitch the collection is designed and ready to get applause on the runway. Cinderellas friends top models Ariel and Snow White will demonstrate her collection on the fashion show.
  • Disney Girls At Police Academy report Disney Girls At Police Academy 4J 6 months ago
    The elite of Disney princesses decided to attend the police academy and in this dress up game you need to focus on finding a suitable outfit for five of these princesses. Either you will choose a combination with skirt or with pants make sure you match the shoes and the following accessories. Transform them in a special brigade who catch bad guys and put them behind the bars where they belong.
  • Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest report Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest 4J 6 months ago
    Now Anna Vs Rapunzel want to have a contest to have a race with each other. First you need to pick up some beautiful pictures, then decorate it and now have a competition. I believe they are both amazing, but sometimes life really need some excitement, right? Go on!
  • Ariel Mermaid Fashion report Ariel Mermaid Fashion 4J 3 weeks ago
    Ariel mermaid will design a wedding dress for her friend, now help her choose a wedding dress style and then make the dress. Finally help her dress up and see how beautiful the dress is. Have fun!
  • Disney Princess Bridal Shower report Disney Princess Bridal Shower 4J 6 months ago
    There's several special day at every girls life: her first date, first puppy, her sweet 16 and of course her wedding day! That feeling, when you're entering the chapel and everyone's looking at you. Your dress is shining and the love of your life is standing there, waiting for you to becomes his princess forever. But you know what people say: waiting for holiday is better than the holiday itself! And there's a lot of fun things to do before the wedding day's finally come. Like Bridal Shower! Rapunzel's best friends - Belle, Aurora and Ariel - decided to throw a party for their beloved bride. There will be a lot of presents, fun and a total makeovers! Disney beauties are can't wait to post the joint photo on Instagram and collect tons of likes. But for this to happened, they need to choose the perfect outfits. Pretty bride and her BFF are want to look fabulous! Maybe you can help them? Look over the princesses wardrobe and choose the ideal dress and accessories for the selfie of the year. Have fun!
  • Princess Of A Year report Princess Of A Year 4J 6 months ago
    The Kingdom is holding the annual event that has got a big popularity between beautiful princesses. This year three new competitors are going to get the glorious name - Princess of a Year! Help Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Snow White to get ready for the contest: choose their outfits, shoes, hairstyles and accessories wisely because this time there are very strict judges who decide which princess gets the prize.
  • Princess and Royal Baby report Princess and Royal Baby JoinGamer 2 years ago
    This beautiful princess just had a cute baby girl.
  • Princess Irene's Spring Walk report Princess Irene's Spring Walk Zdoz 2 years ago
    No description available.
  • Princesses Pj Party report Princesses Pj Party 4J 6 months ago
    For them, nothing can stop them happy and have fun even at school time! BFFs Anna, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Mulan invite you to join their PJ Party and spend the whole night together. They've been planning it for such a long time, and it is finally here! Watching movies, making each other cute hairstyles, eating snacks, pillow fights, and gossiping about boys. Sounds cool, right? At first, you could choose the cutest outfits for this party. Enjoy!
  • Princesses Fruits Lover report Princesses Fruits Lover 4J 2 weeks ago
    Moana, Elsa and Rapunzel want to try fruity fashion.Take the girls in turns are dress them up. Decorate her new house for the fruits' style. Have fun!
  • Princess Or Minion report Princess Or Minion 4J 2 weeks ago
    These 4 Disney princesses like Minion so much, today they decide to dress in minion style, help them choose some suitable dresses and take some photos for them. Have fun!
  • Princess Moana Dollhouse Decor report Princess Moana Dollhouse Decor 4J 2 months ago
    Tomorrow is the birthday of our beloved Princess Moana. The mom of the princess is busy in preparing dinner for guests. Little princess like doll house very much. Help her decorate one and have fun with the princess Moana!
  • Princesses Wedding Prep report Princesses Wedding Prep PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Are you ready to become a fashion adviser for the beautiful bride and her cute bridesmaids The girls are very curious to see what youre going to pick for them Start with the bridesmaids. Take your time to find the prettiest dresses shoes and accessories. You can also apply makeup. After youre done with the bridesmaids its time to take care of the bride.
  • Princess Irene at the Party report Princess Irene at the Party Zdoz 2 years ago
    No description available.
  • Princess Maid Cafe report Princess Maid Cafe 4J 2 months ago
    Nowadays Disney opened a new maid cafe and these Disney princesses will go to there to be the waiter. Now help them dress up in maid style to start their work! Enjoy your day with them!
  • Merida Travel Exchange report Merida Travel Exchange 4J 6 months ago
    Merida, one of the bravest princesses out there, thought that exchanging homes with Rapunzel might be a fun and cool idea. Now help her finish all her jobs and dress up for her, she will be so happy if you could. Thank you!
  • Princess Christmas Selfie Mall Shopping report Princess Christmas Selfie Mall Shopping 4J 1 week ago
    Christmas is coming! Princess will go out to buy some beautiful dresses. It's shopping time! Join the beautiful girl at the mall and help her pick the best outfit! Add the perfect jewelry items to complete Princess look and enjoy your time with them!
  • The India Princess report The India Princess JoinGamer 2 years ago
    Challenge yourself in this India Princess games and help her dress up more pretty than usual!rnYou check out her fancy wardrobe and make the best choice in picking up the best clothes, accessories, shoes and hairstyles.
  • Royal Indians report Royal Indians Zdoz 2 years ago
    No description available.
  • Meet My Unicorn report Meet My Unicorn JoinGamer 2 years ago
    Princess Elizabeth's birthday present from her godmother is pretty unique! It's a Unicorn! So amazing! Would you like to meet...
  • Princesses Summer Chafing Dish report Princesses Summer Chafing Dish 4J 3 weeks ago
    These four Disney princesses want to have a chafing dish dinner today, can you help dress up and decorate their room? Join them and enjoy this wonderful day!
  • Elsa Round The Clock Fashionista report Elsa Round The Clock Fashionista 4J 6 months ago
    Play this fabulous game named Elsa Round The Clock Fashionista and help our favorite Frozen queen to change the outfit throughout the day. Choose one dress to start with, either a strapless pink one or an elegant fitted green dress. In the morning she has to go to college, so accessorize her look with a loose sweater or a plaid shirt, a denim or varsity jacket, her hair put up in a ponytail or braided, sneakers or ankle boots, a pair of glasses and a cute bag to keep her books in. In the evening she has a date night with Jack, so tie her hair in an elegant bun with a ribbon, choose a peplum top with ruffles or a white cardigan with glitter on the shoulders, a lovely handbag with a bow, black stockings with flower prints, small heels or wedges and a golden necklace. Afterwards, she will spend her night with the girls in the club, so choose a cooler style for her hair, put on a black leather jacket or a glittery top, a silver clutch, very high heels and a pair of earrings. Have an amazing time playing this new game named Elsa Round The Clock Fashionista!
  • Princess Beach Party report Princess Beach Party 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa, Ariel, Anna and Rapunzel are really excited about this summer vacation! Princesses are going to spend their vacation on the finest beach in the world! Elsa, Ariel, Anna and Rapunzel have been waiting for it for a long time and they will have fun! Help our gorgeous princesses to get dressed before leaving for an exotic destination. There many different swimsuits, dresses, shirts and T-shirts - try out anything you like! Choose a unique outfit for each princess and have fun together! Enjoy!
  • Princesses New Lifestyle In 2017 report Princesses New Lifestyle In 2017 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa and Anna want to create a new lifestyle in 2017. Now you need to help them decorate their rooms, write a new year diary and then dress up for them. Have a good time!
  • Sofia Greek House Cleaning report Sofia Greek House Cleaning 4J 2 months ago
    Sofia and her friends had a party last night and now their room is totally in a mess, can you help them clean it up and make it looks tidy again? Enjoy your day with these three princesses!
  • Princess Ariel Doll House Decor report Princess Ariel Doll House Decor 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Frozen Baby Bath report Frozen Baby Bath 2-Play 2 years ago
    Join baby Anna and baby Elsa in one of the cutest caring games ever Help the two adorable babies take a bath before playtime. Start by decorating the bathtub with colorful foam beautiful flowers and toys so they can relax and have fun together. Choose some of their favorite princess dresses because they are about to have the time for their lives Play with their toys in the castle make it snow outside and enjoy the magic of winter next to baby Anna and baby Elsa
  • Anna And Elsa Arendelle Ball report Anna And Elsa Arendelle Ball PlayRosy 5 months ago
    Join princess Elsa and Anna for the most amazing ball in Arendelle. Make sure each princess has a perfect makeup on and choose some spctacular outfits for them. You will have so much fun together. Enjoy
  • Princess Yoga report Princess Yoga 4J 2 months ago
    These lovely Disney Princesses have gathered in this lovely place to get their yoga routine started before the rest of the day gets in the way. Help them dress up to start their yoga journey! Have fun!
  • Disney Coachella report Disney Coachella SueFun 1 year ago
    The Disney princesses are trying an old fashion theme coachella clothes. You need to pick the most beautiful clothes for each princess. You have beautiful dresses shortstops pants and a lot of accessories and tattoos. Each princess will look spectacular thanks to you.
  • Girls PJ Party report Girls PJ Party PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Our three princesses are hosting a pijama party in their home.You can join them at the party and help them find the perfect pijama for the event.Choose from various outfits and find the pijama that fits them best.Have fun
  • Disney Princess Perfect Day report Disney Princess Perfect Day 4J 6 months ago
    Princess days are full of things to do. That's not only fun and balls, and flirting with prince Charming. There's also a lot of hard work. College, music school, swimming pool... Modern princess should know everything about anything! Today your task will be to help beautiful Disney Princesses to find all the things at time. Join magnificent mermaid Ariel, stylish Snow White, amazing Frozen Sisters - Anna and Elsa, and lovely Rapunzel at their everyday goals. When you'll find all the things, help princesses to choose the perfect outfit. Combine dresses, bags and accessories. Don't forget to add some sparkles! Help princesses with their different activities today. Have fun spending day with disney beauties!
  • Princesses At Barbie's Wedding report Princesses At Barbie's Wedding 4J 6 months ago
    Barbie and Ken decided to get married on New Years Eve! They find it very romantic to start new life with the beginning of a new year. Barbies bffs princess Rapunzel and princess Ariel are going to be her bridesmaids. Dress Barbie and Ken for their New Year wedding and pick lovely matching dresses for the princesses.
  • Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress report Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress 4J 6 months ago
    Elsa and Anna Frozen are two of the most beautiful princesses in the world. They love fashion and for their wedding day they can't think of a better idea then creating the most unique hand made dress and decorate with the best accessories. The lovely Frozen girls would love your help and creative skills in the making of the wedding gown, so don't waste time and begin the game called Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress! First, choose the princess for which you want to create the dress and then pick the shape. There are two great options, a nice mermaid dress or a beautiful princess gown. Choose the pattern of the fabric and then use the measuring tape to make the measurements. Use scissors to cut the fabric for the dress, then sew it and assemble the gorgeous gown. In Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress you can choose nice accessories such as ruffles, sleeves, a bow for the waist and a nice lace veil. The best choice for a bride it's to pick a wonderful bouquet of flowers with red roses, a silver crown and a nice hair up do. Apply some makeup to finish the look and enjoy the great game called Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress!
  • Princess Ibiza Party report Princess Ibiza Party PlayRosy 2 weeks ago
    The two princesses in Arendelle land have run away from the cold and want to spend this summer on Ibiza beach. Help them with makeup and dress tips to look good on the Ibiza beach.
  • Barbie My Little Pony Necklace report Barbie My Little Pony Necklace PlayRosy 1 year ago
    Barbie wants to create a my little pony necklace. Would you help her Follow the instructions in game and combine bands accessories and some colorful letters to get an awesome cartoon necklace. Finally dress up our princess as you like. Have fun
  • Ariel Fashion Design Room report Ariel Fashion Design Room 4J 6 months ago
    Now Ariel want to design her room to make it more beautiful. But her room is totally in a mess. So can you help her clean it up and decorate it? Thank you!
  • Perfect Bridesmaid report Perfect Bridesmaid PlayRosy 4 months ago
    Today we will be joining the cutest princess Barbara on her quest to find the perfect outfit for a very special event that is coming up soon. Her best friend is getting married and she is going to be one of the bridesmaids. Barbara is super excited about this event and is planning to really look her best.
  • Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover report Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover 4J 6 months ago
    Rapunzel want to help her boyfriend makeover but she has no idea how to do that. Can you help her finish her job? Thank you so much!
  • Modern Cinderella Crazy In Love report Modern Cinderella Crazy In Love SueFun 1 year ago
    Cinderella is crazy in love with a boy from college. She wants to look beautiful every day so she can impress him. Let us give Cinderella a hand and help her choose the cutest outfit and accessories for today. Make sure you do something nice with her hair as well. Have fun
  • Princess Anna Royal Haircut report Princess Anna Royal Haircut Pinkly 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Princess Wedding Dress Up report Princess Wedding Dress Up Pinkly 2 years ago
    It's Wedding day for the Princess and it's time to celebrate. But wait! The Princess still havent prepared her Wedding Dress. Can you help her get dress up?
  • Elsa's Frozen House Makeover report Elsa's Frozen House Makeover 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Sofia the First Kissing report Sofia the First Kissing Yomza 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Princess Swimming Pool Decor report Princess Swimming Pool Decor 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Messy Princess Room report Messy Princess Room 8Fairy 1 year ago
    No description available.
  • Prank the Nanny Mermaid report Prank the Nanny Mermaid PlayRosy 1 month ago
    Audrey has a new job She has to babysit little Mermaid Princess and make sure everything is alright before the parents come back but the cute girl only wants to prank Audrey. Find out the different ways you can joke around with the babysitter After an evening full of shenanigans play dress up with the two girls and they will finally become friends.
  • Princess Pool Party report Princess Pool Party PlayRosy 1 year ago
    Elsa Anna and Rapunzel decided to spend a lovely day by the pool. The girls have prepared all kind of surprises and fun things to do like beauty treatmentshair masks and ice cream. Join the princesses and have a fantastic time together
  • Autumn Fashion Fair report Autumn Fashion Fair PlayRosy 3 months ago
    The kingdom is going to celebrate traditional Autumn Festival. And as usual theyre going to have a special autumn fair where you can find very cute seasonal clothes. Of course two young princesses are going to visit this famous holiday. Join these two best friends and help them to choose some new clothes shoes and accessories. And dont forget to visit local beauty salon for a bright autumn makeup and hair.
  • Princess Hot Summer Trends report Princess Hot Summer Trends PlayRosy 1 month ago
    The sun is shining and the temperature is rising. The summer is here and princess Jasmine wants to look extrahot While searching for some inspiration our eastern beauty found some cool ideas This time Jasmine decided to save some money and recreate all the hottest trends using her old wardrobe. Its time to make high fashion lowcoast In this new dress up game help our cute princess to create three different looks.
  • Baby Princess Bedroom report Baby Princess Bedroom PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Our baby princesses wants to decorate their sister baby bedroom.Start by changing the floor colorroom walls color and decorate the bedroom with some nice furniture. After you finish the bedroom will look great.Have fun
  • Princess Ball Dressup report Princess Ball Dressup PlayRosy 3 months ago
    Ellie Annie and Belle are excited for this New Year Castle Ball. They decided to meet up before the Ball and pick up the most beautiful makeup and dress there is help them choose the perfect accessories there is for this sweet princesses. Have fun
  • Trendy Outfits for Princess report Trendy Outfits for Princess PlayRosy 1 week ago
    Princess Ariel is a very talented girl with various hobbies. Shes a wellknown fan of street racing and maybe the only princess who can drive a fast racing car. Shes keen on street dancing and hiphop culture too. And of course shes a popular media and showbiz diva a frequent VIP to many private parties. So lets take a look at her stunning fashion collection Ariel has got many stylish clothes from fashionable rompers and hip hop outfits to fabulous gowns. Lets try all of them on and enjoy three unforgettable looks of the princess
  • Disney Princess Makeup School report Disney Princess Makeup School 4J 6 months ago
    Disney Princess themed prom is a great trend today! More and more schools are choosing Disney movies as a theme for the prom. Is your school one of them? If so, grab this chance to learn how to create a professional Disney princess makeup! First choose what princess are you going to be: lovely Belle, beautiful Aurora or charming Jasmine? Then create a sparkling princess makeup step by step. Start with applying foundation and concealer to make skin even, then fill in the eyebrows and move on to eye shadows. There is a special color combination and application area for each princess. Finish the makeup with a dash of blush and some lipstick. When your princess is ready you can move on to styling the other two.
  • Disney s Got Talent report Disney s Got Talent SueFun 1 year ago
    Looks like there is a new show in town and the Disney princesses are ready to show their talents. Disney s got talent Follow the instructions and help each princess show her talent the best way. Have fun
  • Super Barbie Hair Trends report Super Barbie Hair Trends 4J 2 weeks ago
    Super Barbie wants to try some new hair styles, but she can't decide which style to choose, can you help her make over and dress up to make her looks more fashion and attractive? Enjoy this day with Barbie!
  • Barbie Wedding report Barbie Wedding 4J 6 months ago
    If you are fans of Barbie, girls, then you must definitely have a Barbie Wedding as well when the right time comes in your lives to have a wedding, of course. Guess what, girls! Barbie is getting married this weekend and you are all invited to attend her wedding, especially that it will be a glamorous fairy-tale wedding, lasting three days and three nights. You must profit by Barbie's invitation to her dream wedding and get inspired from her wedding dresses and accessories for your future fabulous wedding, playing Barbie Wedding dress up game! Use your amazing wedding stylist skills and give Barbie a helping hand at finding the perfect bridal outfit. Check out Barbie Wedding wardrobe and try all the gorgeous wedding gowns on Barbie, matching each bridal dress with the right bridal flower bouquet, veil, heels and the fanciest wedding jewelries. Remember that Barbie will chance her wedding outfits various times, so design different bridal outfits for her to wear at her fairy-tale wedding. Whether she will wear an extravagant princess wedding dress, a chic mermaid wedding dress or a traditional white dress, it's up to you girls to decide what Barbie will wear at her fab wedding. Have fun with Barbie Wedding dress up game!
  • Design Princess Sofia Wedding Dress report Design Princess Sofia Wedding Dress SueFun 1 year ago
    Help Sofia design and make a mini wedding dress. She can not be a bride just yet but she loves to dress up as a bride. Select the type of the dress and decorate it in a spectacular way. Sofia will look beautiful. Have fun
  • Disney High School Love report Disney High School Love SueFun 1 year ago
    There is some interesting things going on the Disney High school. Rapunzel and Flynn like each other and the Disney princesses must do something to help them get together. Start with cool outfits for each girl next craft a nice love card and finally help Rapunzel get to her date.
  • Princess Valentines Chaos report Princess Valentines Chaos 4J 5 months ago
    Maleficent has cast a spell last evening and all your favourite Disney princesses lost their memories. Elsa and Ariel don't remember who are those handsome lads next to them, for Belle 14th of February has no meaning and Jasmine doesn't remember a thing about her love life. Help them recover their memories and find their love.
  • Princess Sorority Pledge report Princess Sorority Pledge 4J 6 months ago
    Anna wants to take part in this College Party, but she can't go there just like this. So can you help her pick some beautiful dresses? She will be so grateful for your assist!
  • Barbie Miss Sophomore Year report Barbie Miss Sophomore Year 4J 6 months ago
    Barbie is in her second year of college and she is getting ready for the Miss Sophomore Year contest. She is really excited and it's needless to say, that she wants to win the first place by all means. She has to pass four tests and get the highest points possible. You will have to help her out in this fun Barbie Miss Sophomore Year game. Firs, the roulette will tell us which test she must take first, so spin the weal by pressing the left button and releasing it! Help her answer to the tricky general knowledge questions and play the piano on the talent test. Then help lovely Barbie choose the right outfit for the swimsuit test. She could wear a shiny black suit or maybe the purple one! Make sure to complete her look with matching accessories and create her a new hairstyle as well. The forth test of this exciting Barbie Miss Sophomore Year game is the Gowns test. Make sure to help Barbie decide which dress to wear, such as the sleeveless pink one or the long purple one. If a shorter dress would suits her better, choose the shiny white or the glitzy blue dress. Make sure you create a matching hairstyle and complete her look with shiny diamond jewelries and maybe a tiara. Do you think that you can help her win the first place? Have fun playing this new Barbie Miss Sophomore Year game!
  • Barbie Date Crashing report Barbie Date Crashing 4J 3 months ago
    Barbie has broken up with her boyfriend. But she found Ken is now on a date with his current girlfriend. Now she has devised a plan along with her girlfriends to go and crash his date to show him what he is missing and make him regret the decision of breaking up! They are all oh, so beautiful, so take your time to try them all on and after you are satisfied with the result, go ahead and add the finishing touches. Add a statement necklace and a fashionable purse that will give the look the edge it needs. Add a pair of sunglasses! Now Barbie is surely going to impress Ken.
  • Cinderella's Blind Date report Cinderella's Blind Date 4J 6 months ago
    Guess what, ladies? Cinderella is getting ready to spice up her love life a bit and she's willing to try out something really fun today, she is having a blind date and she needs your precious helping hand to organize it a bit. So hurry up and join her in getting the 'Cinderella's Blind Date' game for girls started and help her decide on a few things. First, pick a handsome date for her. There are two bachelors willing to meet our beautiful Disney princess-Henry, a 22 year-old who works in the fashion industry and Edward who's only 20 year-old and still a college boy. Who should she pick? Take a short quiz, answer the questions Cinderella has prepared for them to see whom will be a perfect match and once you get your answer you can then go to the next page of the game and help beautiful Cinderella prepare for her date. Browse though a wide selection of boho-chic dresses, two-pieces outfits, stunning heels and sparkling jewelries and put together the perfect look for her! Have a great time, ladies!
  • Disney Princess Selfie report Disney Princess Selfie 4J 6 months ago
    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who can take the prettiest selfie of them all? Instagram is full of beautiful and stylish photos. But no one can outdo our favorite Disney princesses! Today they are going to make best selfie ever! There's long-haired princess Rapunzel, amazing mermaid Ariel, stunning fashionista Aurora and smart and modern princess Belle! I'm sure that with your little advice they will blow up all the internet with this picture. Should they make it in fun style? Or maybe they'll better try something sexy? Are they going to use IPhone or some pro photo camera? The dresses and accessories are important as well! Help this beauties to dress up and make a beautiful hairdo for every princess. Have fun taking selfie with them!
  • Moana's Guests report Moana's Guests 4J 4 months ago
    Moana will hold a party in her castle, she invited three of her best friends to take part in this party. Now help her decorate her room and dress up for these princesses. Have a good time!
  • Princesses Spring Trend Alerts report Princesses Spring Trend Alerts 4J 3 months ago
    Spring is coming, these two princesses want to try some spring trend, help them choose some themes and choose fashion clothes from these themes. Make them more beautiful in this amazing season. Enjoy the spring with these princesses!
  • Princess New Spring Trends report Princess New Spring Trends 4J 3 months ago
    Winter has past and Spring is eventually came. Now this Disney princess wants to refresh her look and she needs you help. First help her pack her old clothes and buy some new spring clothes. Then dress up her and make her looks beautiful. Have fun!
  • Sisters In Coachella Festival 2017 report Sisters In Coachella Festival 2017 4J 1 month ago
    Coachella festival is just around the corner! Sisters have planned to enter the funny festival and they are very excited. After a perfect makeup, they are going to get some cute tattoos. They can't wait to go out, but wait a minute, dress them up with some beautiful boho style outfits.
  • Sisters Pool Party report Sisters Pool Party 4J 1 week ago
    The Disney princesses want to go to the Sisters Pool Party, but they hope you can help them to choose the best-looking outfit. Is that too difficult for you? Oh, you can do it! Thank you!
  • Frozen Prom Makeup Design report Frozen Prom Makeup Design 4J 6 months ago
    The amazing princesses of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, are getting ready for prom day. They have selected gorgeous dresses and some nice hairstyle and all they need now it's the makeup. Your creative skills are very welcomed and you can start with the prep. In Frozen Prom Makeup Design you can start with Elsa and use the tweezers to reshape the eye brows and apply a moisturizing cream. Add the foundation all over the face and concealer under the eyes. Use a big brush to add bronzer on the cheeks and a highlight on the nose, brow bone and chin. In Frozen Prom Makeup Design for a glamorous makeup you can start with the eye shadow. Apply a golden color on the lids and a brown one for the crease area. Use black mascara to create long and beautiful lashes and an eye brow pencil to fill in the brows. Add a peach blush on the cheeks and a red lipstick. Elsa's prom look is amazing and I am sure she will love the design a lot. For her sister, the cute Anna, you can select a copper shade for the eye shadow, pink lipstick, mauve blush and a great red mascara. Enjoy Frozen Prom Makeup Design!
  • Ariel Vs Elsa Party Girls report Ariel Vs Elsa Party Girls 4J 1 week ago
    Play this cute game named Ariel Vs Elsa Party Girls and take part in a competition to decide who of them has the best party style! Both Ariel and Elsa love to go out and they are always looking fabulous when they do. So dress each of them up in the cutest outfit and then vote for the look you like the most. You will also be able to see which of them has the most votes. Is it the one you have chosen?
  • Princesses Thrift Shop Challenge report Princesses Thrift Shop Challenge 4J 2 weeks ago
    Have you heard about the Instagram refashion challenge? Fashionistas all over the world dig through thrift stores in a search for inspiration. Designer Cinderella decided to join the challenge too. Help her dress up. Thank you!
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